Plan a wedding brunch

wedding-brunch Weddings are stressful occasions as much as they are joyful ones. We’re talking about people from two different families mingling and spending quite a lot of time together. Tempers fly high and tears and tantrums add to the din. To avoid a Capulet-Montague-like situation, you need a stress buster; in other words, take a break!

Having a brunch on the morning of your wedding will give everyone a chance to relax and enjoy. And no, you don’t have to stress about planning another party. Make it an informal gathering. You want everyone to be relaxed, not reserved.

Who to invite

Your guest list can include only the two families or the entire guest list for your wedding reception. If you have guests from out of town or abroad, it might be good to invite them. They can catch up with family and friends before the reception.

Where to eat

An outdoor venue would be perfect if the weather is wonderful. If there are children involved, they’ll get a chance to run around and play. If your reception is at a hotel, you can have the brunch there as well. For a more intimate setting, host the brunch in the house of a family member or friend.

What to eat

Eggs, pancakes, assorted breads, muffins, salads, juice, coffee, tea etc – make the menu as simple and homely as possible. Have a buffet so everyone can help themselves without having to wait to be served.

Let the timings be flexible. Some people like to sleep-in late; kids especially will be cranky all day if woken up early.

What to play

You can have a game or two to lighten the mood and let everyone enjoy them selves. Organize a friendly game of volleyball or a fun pie-eating contest.

When organizing teams for group games, make chits and put numbers on them. The guests can pick one and whoever gets the same numbers forms a team. This ensures that all the guests mingle with each other.

Host a brunch and set the happy tone for your wedding.