Plan a rustic wedding

rustic-wedding If your heart belongs with the hills and plains and farms and fields, then a rustic wedding would be a good idea. Think of wild flowers, trees and fresh air when you plan this special event of your life. Treat your guests to a true country experience by adopting every element possible of the idyllic pastoral life.

Time and space
These two elements walk hand in hand when it comes to a rustic wedding. Since rural life is ruled by the forces of nature, having an outdoor wedding is the best idea. For this, the time or season you hold your wedding in is important.

Summer is perfect for a wedding outdoors but in harsh winters, you’ll be better off getting married in a warm barn, inn or cabin. This, of course, depends on the size of your wedding and the space available.

Creating the right ambience is important for a rustic wedding. Everything from the centerpieces to the table settings ought to announce the glory of countryside life. Bring on the flowers and leaves in abundance, but avoid elaborate arrangements. Be as simple and natural as possible.

Sunflowers or daisies in a glass jar looks beautiful and elegant. These can be placed on each table. For the centerpiece, arrange a selection of flowers – lilies, peonies – and leaves a beautiful bowl. You can also have an arrangement of flowers and scented candles (use natural fragrance). The colors of your wedding should be the lovely warm earth tones like brown, green, red, orange, yellow etc.

The wedding invitation can be as creative as you like. A scroll made of recycled paper and tied up with twigs and leaves sends out rustic tidings. Select a poem about nature by one of the many pastoral poets for the card.

Wedding favors
Fresh farm goodies in a wicker basket make a truly rustic return gift. Include perishable as well as non-perishable items in the basket.

Dance to good, old country music and have a great time at your wedding!