Plaid Fashion-Look Stylish In Plaid

plaid-fashion1 Plaid is not necessarily associated only with school uniforms. It has played a major role in defining varied fashions throughout the 20th century. While it does look too prim and proper, if worn the right way, plaid can help you make a style statement.

Plaid is versatile, in that it can be worn in various situations. Plaid attire is suitable for the workplace if you decide on a formal combination. With the right embellishments and cuts, it transforms into perfect attire for social outings.

Colorful in plaid

The right colors are important when selecting plaid clothes. Choose shades that are bright like red and blue, or deep earthy tones like brown and green. Subtle colors like black and grey are suitable for trousers.

Plaid, but not in clothes

If you can’t reconcile your fashion sense towards wearing plaid in any part of your outfit, then go with plaid in accessories. These will subtly emphasize the plaid style without seeming too bold.

A plaid scarf makes a good accessory with most outfits. Opt for lighter shades with fine embroidery. Look for earrings or headbands with plaid patterns. Cloth straps are popular for watches and a plaid strap will give a unique look. Bags that have plaid designs are a refreshing change from the usual leather items.

Plaid skirts

The plaid skirt has an interesting history in fashion from the revolutionary punk movement to the 1990’s pop music video of Britney Spears. The plaid mini skirt worn with the right tops (and not blouse, socks and matching tie!) looks sexy and stylish.

For a more modest and formal look, a knee-length skirt is ideal with a sweater. High heels or flats can be worn with plaid skirts. But avoid including plaid in your footwear as well!

Foot in plaid

Plaid boots and flats are a subtle way to introduce this pattern in your non-plaid ensemble. Stylish straps and buckles enhance the plaid pattern and also the beauty of your feet.

Too much of anything is bad. So go mad with plaid, but only a little!