Piranha – Unusual Fish for Your Aquarium

piranha1 While looking for pets, we always look for the usual domesticated creatures. Besides the dogs and cats, what about keeping an unusual pet in your house, such as a piranha? You might shriek at the idea of having a pet piranha. This native of the Amazon are noted for their aggressive behavior. However, if you are a brave heart with a penchant for unusual pets, you can keep a piranha in your fish tank.

Aquarium for piranha
Piranha is no ordinary fish. Hence, its aquarium should be chosen with care. You can keep a single piranha in the fish tank. Piranhas can also live amicably with certain other fish species, such as plecostomus catfish, oscars, tetras, pacus and cichlids. However, in the wild piranhas live in shoals. They also feed in packs. Therefore, you can think about having two piranhas in your aquarium. This fish can grow up to 18-inches in an aquarium. You need at least a 50 gallons tank to hold two piranhas. You also need a good filter system for your fish tank. Piranhas are messy eaters. To remove the waste left by the fish after eating, you need a good quality filter.

The filter fitted to your fish tank, should be able to filter at least 50 percent more water than the volume of water actually present in the tank. This means that in a 50-gallon tank, the filter should be capable of handling 75 gallons of water. You can also install two or more filters in your aquarium. Removing waste is required for not only keeping the water clean, but also it is required to lower the nitrate content. Wastes decomposing into nitrates are bad for the health of the piranhas. While decorating the aquarium, try to replicate the ambiance of the Amazon. You can add aquatic plants from the Amazon in the tank. Always keep the pH of your tank water between 6.5 and 6.9.

Piranha diet
Piranhas are meat eaters. Their diet will consist of fresh low fat meat, fish and poultry. While feeding piranhas always remain extremely cautious. Such is the aggressiveness of piranhas that they will not even spare your finger.

Before you keep a piranha in your aquarium, check the law of your state. Keeping piranhas is illegal in several states.