Pinworm Treatment

Pinworm infection is a common health problem worldwide. Although people of all age groups can suffer from this problem, 5 to 10 years old children are most susceptible to pinworm infection.

Pinworm infection causes

Adult pinworms live in the upper region of the colon. A pregnant pinworm lays eggs around the anus of its human host. When the human host scratches or touches the anus or the area around it, the eggs collect under the fingernails. After scratching the anus if he touches other objects with the unclean fingers, the eggs lodge on those objects. These eggs enter the intestine of another person, when a healthy human accidentally ingests the eggs. After entering the intestine, these eggs hatch, producing pinworms that feed on the intestinal content and mature in the intestine.

Signs & Symptoms of pinworm infection

Anal itching is the main sign of pinworm infection. The itching usually worsens in the night when the female pinworm migrates to the anus to deposit her eggs. The skin around the anus might crack or break due to excess scratching, increasing the risk of secondary bacterial infection. People infected with pinworms might experience loss of appetite, rapid weight loss, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and fever. Occasionally pinworm infection might lead to appendicitis. Rarely pinworms might travel into the vagina or urinary tract, causing itching and irritation in these regions.

Pinworm treatment

Water enemas are often recommended to flush out the pinworms from the anal region. To prevent recurrent pinworm infection, medications should be repeated two weeks after the first medication dose. Pinworms could be eliminated from the intestine naturally with garlic. You can significantly reduce the number of pinworms in your intestine by taking three to four cloves of garlic daily.

Pinworms can be eliminated by consuming raw papayas. Grapefruit seed extract could effectively remove the pinworms from your body. You can kill the pinworm eggs by apply tea tree oil or garlic juice to the area around the anus. One tablespoon of fresh coconut blended with castor oil could rapidly remove the pinworms from your intestine. During pinworm infection eat plenty of fiber rich food and probiotics, and avoid sugary foods and refined carbohydrates.