Picnic for two: packing for a romantic picnic lunch

romantic-picnic Spending quality time with your beloved need not involve a lavish restaurant or bar. You can still have a good time in a much relaxed and romantic way by sharing a picnic lunch.

There won’t be any interruption by waiters; neither will you be irritated by noisy fellow diners. Depending on the destination you choose, the chances of running into friends or colleagues is also minimized.

A romantic picnic lunch can be shared in any place of your choice. You can laze around in a park or garden, enjoy the waves at a beach, take a boat ride or even eat in your own backyard. Keep it simple and inexpensive; think rustic meal and not rich cuisine.

Picnic carrier

A picnic basket is essential to hold all the food, drinks etc. These are available in various sizes. You can decorate the basket for a unique look. Place cloth napkins, plates, spoons and glasses inside. Carry your dishware from home rather than using disposable paper plates and glasses.

Picnic food

All the food needs to be packed in airtight containers to keep it fresh. If the chosen picnic spot is a long drive from your home, then it is better to use non-perishable items. Prepare dishes that can last longer. Some of the food items that can be carried are sandwiches, fruits, cookies, cakes etc.

Drinking fountain

Along with food, you’ll need plenty of beverages as well. Carry a cooler to keep the champagne, soda or juice cool. Bring plenty of water and soft drinks. For hot beverages like coffee and tea, you will need to carry a thermos. Heat the liquid before you leave home and put it in the thermos.

Comfort and joy

Carry a blanket or quilt to spread on the ground where you sit and eat. Pack for emergencies: a first-aid kit is essential. If you’re going to an unknown destination, make sure you research the place well to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Enjoy each other’s company over a romantic picnic lunch!