Picking the right home tanning bed

home-tanning-bed Home tanning is an ideal solution to cut down on salon expenses and also fulfill one’s desire for a rich silky tanned skin.

However, for the best effects one should always make sure that one has purchased the right home tanning bed.

There are a number of beds available in the market. But one should always check the budget, safety features, wattage and power, tanning devices within the bed and its size.

Plus, there are commercial tanning beds that are mostly used for retail purposes and wholesale tanning beds. It is better to select a good wholesale home tanning bed for one’s private use.

There are number of authorized dealers who advertise online for selling wholesale tanning beds. One should check out their offers and also consult someone who has bought a home tanning bed earlier.

Based on their layout, mainly there are two types of tanning beds – vertical and horizontal tanning beds. Whereas vertical tanning beds are more like ‘stand-up booths,’ horizontal beds are more relaxing in their features.

Mostly, it is advisable to purchase a good horizontal bed for tanning purposes at home.

There are a number of other technical devices that a home tanning device contains. Before buying one, it is good to do some basic research on these topics.

Some of them are – proper lamps to be used for tanning beds, fans used in these beds and ballasts utilized in these beds.

For example, one has to know that a standard lamp used in these beds for UV lighting is 71 inches long.

Another important aspect that one should gain information on is the duration of exposure to the UV lighting produced by these beds.

There are certain necessary parameters set by the US FDA when it comes to the amount of time for a tanning session. Extra exposure can harm one’s skins and eyes.

Therefore, do some research on all these aspects before purchasing a home tanning bed.