Physical Discipline Bad, Watching TV Not Too Bad For Children

Physical Discipline We always want our children to display perfect behavior.

Often parents consider physical punishment as the correct way of instilling good behavior in the child. However, researchers have observed that physical discipline during childhood tends to create behavioral problems in teenagers.

Moreover, if you thought that your children are wasting their time watching nonsensical cartoons, then instead of chiding them, you should allow them to spend sometime with these nonsensical characters. Studies have found that watching and hearing nonsensical programs or reading nonsensical literature could improve their cognitive function.

Spare the rod and save the child
Modern psychological studies no longer support the old adage spare the rod and spoil the child. According to studies, physical discipline during childhood is responsible for teen behavioral problems. Researchers at the Duke University followed the effect of physical disciplining on teen behavior.

They found that if spanking, hitting with an object and slapping continue throughout childhood, behavioral problems become apparent when the child enters adolescence. On the other hand, if physical discipline stops at early childhood, incidence of developing behavioral problems during teenage becomes less likely. This study has also revealed that parents often consider physical discipline as the only way to discipline children with aggressive behavior. Psychologists suggest that alternate strategies, other than physical punishment, are effective in disciplining children.

You might be stressed, but when your child become unruly, you should always maintain your calm. You can scold your child. Timeouts are suitable for disciplining kids. Tell your child what you expect him to do. When your child behaves appropriately, praise him for his good behavior.

Watching senseless programs helps learning
You might think that your child is wasting his time watching stupid programs, but a recent study has found that his cognitive skills are improving while he is watching surrealist programs. Psychologists at the University of California-Santa Barbara found that people who read a bizarre story, exhibited better learning skills compared to people who read the same story without the nonsensical items. However, this could not be an excuse for your child to spend the entire day watching cartoons. Nonetheless, you can allow your child to spend some time watching his favorite TV program.