Photography Tips

Miguel Torres - Travel Photographer Taking good snaps is an art and not everybody is an expert in it. There are some techniques which should be followed while doing photography. You may not be a professional photographer, but the snaps you take in some special ocassions should be clear ones. Some people are very bad at this and their photographs become shaky and hazy. Some very simple tricks of using your camera are discussed below for your help. Check these out and take good photographs from now on. Now a single snap would be shaky and thats a gurantee.

Put your camera in a stand: If your hands shake while clicking the camera, try to put it on a table or something like that and then click it. Thus the camera will not shake any more and snaps would be naturally good.

Give it sometime before clicking: Don’t click the camera as soon as you think the people are in position. Hold the camera and see how the people fit and then press the button. While pressing it, give it a little time so that it can adjust itself. There is always an auto-adjust facility in every camera. So you have to take that benefit.

Keep the flash on at night: When you take photographs at the daylight, the flash is not required. However, if there is not enough light, you should always keep the flash on so that the picture doesn’t look dark or shady.

Zooming technique: If the object or person you are taking snaps of is away, you should zoom in the lense on it. Thus the person or the object will look closer and clearer. However, don’t keep the object too close to your camera. A minimum distance is necessary between the camera and the object or the person. Zooming in is the best way to take good snaps.