Phone Creeper – Spy App for Windows Mobile

spy-app-for-windows-mobile We have already heard about Mobile Spy, the spy software for Apple’s iPhone, which could be used for spying the iPhone user. Besides iPhone, Mobile Spy is also known to work on Windows Mobile and Symbian OS smartphones. Now we have another spy software, which can be installed on Windows Mobile handsets to track the activities of its user.

Phone Creeper advantages
The new spy software tool is called Phone Creeper V0.3. This spyware application or espionage suite will work on smartphones working on Windows Mobile 5, 6.1 and 6.5 platforms. Installing it in the Windows Mobile phone will not only help you to spy on its user, but you can also install Phone Creeper in your own phone for safety of sensitive data, stored in your phone. If you left your phone at home, you can easily find all useful addresses and phone number stored in your phone with this spyware. If you lost your phone, you can promptly delete all sensitive information from your phone. Phone Creeper can also help the police to retrieve the lost or stolen phone, by tracking the GPS coordinates of the device.

Phone Creeper features
Phone Creeper will allow you to read all incoming and outgoing text messages secretly from a remote location. You can also efficiently delete all incoming and outgoing text messages from a remote location. You can also wipe flash card installed in the phone remotely. The call history can be monitored from anywhere on the globe. You can create a pop up message on the phone. A secret fart sound could be send to the device. SMS can be bounced away from the phone to some other phone. You can also listen to conversations on the phone via another cell phone. All the spying or tracking activities will be done by sending commands, through specific SMS messages, sent to the phone in which the spyware has been installed. Any cell phone can be used for sending commands to the spy software.

Chetstriker from xda-developers is offering Creeper V0.3 as a cab file free of cost.


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