Philips Brings Long Lasting Xenium X650, Modu Launches Modular Phone

xenium-x650 Cell phones are not only manufactured by a handful of international companies. While our interest is overwhelmingly limited to the products of few mobile phone brands, such as Nokia, Apple, LG, Samsung and Motorola, other companies, which are otherwise competent in manufacturing other electronic products, are also churning out their own cell phones. Philips and Modu are two such companies that have recently launched new cell phones.

Philips Xenium X650
Philips is producing the Xenium series cell phones for quite sometime. The specialty of the Philips Xenium phones is undoubtedly their long lasting battery. Philips is one of the global leaders in battery making. Therefore, it is only natural that the Philips cell phones will have the best cell phone batteries. Recently Philips has added a new model to its Xenium series – Philips Xenium X650.

This is a sleek slider phone. Its long lasting battery supports eight hours of talk time and one month of stand by time. Xenium X650 has standard features, which might fail to satisfy those of you hooked to smartphones or feature phones. It will run on GSM quad band and GRPS networks. It will support Bluetooth and USB connections. Xenium X650 has a 2.4-inch TFT LCD display, which will support 262K colors and 240 x 320-pixel images. The 3.2-megapixel camera of the phone is equipped with auto focus. Like any other cell phone, Xenium X650 features FM radio. This Philips device measures 104.5mm (height) x 52mm (width) x 19.75mm (depth) and weighs 133.3 grams. However, just like its predecessors, availability of Philips Xenium X650 will probably be limited to Russia and Asia.

Modu phone
Modu, an Israeli company has finally launched its first phone. This is a modular phone, which comes with a number of jackets that allow users to customize a single phone into several different phones. Modu is packed with standard cell phone features. It sports a simple small 1.3-inch OLED display. It is not only a small phone but is also lightweight, weighing only 1.41 oz. The only attraction of the phone is the jackets that convert an uninteresting device into a fashion phone, a music player, a GPS devise, netbook, smartphone and more. Modu is available through Cellcom. It will cost around $130.