Pet Travel Tips

Traveling with Your Pet

Traveling with your pet is stressful to both you and your pet. If you are driving for long distance then it will be even more stressful. While traveling you may face various difficulties like sudden breaks, accidents etc that may cause injuries to you and your dog. Hence you should take extreme care while traveling with your pet in your car. Here are some tips that may help you to care your dog.

Cares for Safe Car Travel

While traveling secure your dog with special seat belts made for them. There are also crates available in the market and it can be of hard plastic, wire mesh or carriers with soft sides. What ever the material, ensure that the crate has enough space for your pet to sit, stand, turn around and lie down.

Before taking your pet for traveling allow him to use the crate in your home with a more comfortable surrounding. Secure the crate strongly in your car so that the crate won’t slide down or move easily. Then take your dog for short drive first and slowly lengthen the time of drives. Then it will be easy for you to take him for a long drive.

Care should be taken not to leave your pet in the parking vehicle. This is because the vehicle will soon become a furnace and your pet may get heatstroke. If it is winter the vehicle will turn in to a refrigerator and your pet may freeze to death.

Feed your pet three or fours hours prior to the start your journey and never feed him in between. Make traveling kit for your pet and that includes bowl, food, leash, waste scoop, grooming tools, plastic bags, medication and first aid kit for your pet. Also include favorite pillow and toy of your pet.

Carry water with you so that you can re-hydrate your pet while taking rest. Never allow your pet to sit with his head outside the window. This may cause lung infection and earache to your pet. There are also chances for injury from some flying objects.

If you left your dog carelessly in the car then it may jump on you or try to sit on your lap. All these may cause accidents and hence are not safe while traveling.