Pet Parrot

Pet Parrot

Parrots are found to be one of the best pets and they are also good companions. Parrots have beautiful and colorful feathers and is a treat to watch. You can teach parrots to talk.

Parrots can be maintained easily but you need to spend time with them. There are different varieties of parrot and most them behave differently. Here are some of the different varieties of parrots that can be grown as pet.


Cockatiels  are parrots that are available in different color combinations. Cockatiels diet includes vegetables, fruits, seeds etc. Cockatiles like cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, guava, pineapple, mango, fresh corn, cottage cheese etc. It requires cage that is not so large and it prefers a cage, which has got more length than height.  You need to provide plenty of water to your cockatiels and clean the cage everyday to avoid any bacterial infection form the left out food and water. A thorough cleaning of the cage is required at least once in a week.


Parakeets have a length of 7 to 12 inches and they have long toed feet and curved bill with long and pointed tails. Parakeets are intelligent birds and can be trained to talk. You can even teach them to sit on your hands. You need to provide a cage that has plenty of ventilation and space for exercising. Parakeets like to have millet seeds, grain, carrots, peas, apples, tomatoes, bananas etc.


Macaws are those parrots that have a long life span and it will be life long companion for you. With good diet and training macaws can be kept healthy. Macaw diet include raw vegetables, fruits, warm meals, palm fruits, chicken thigh bones, pasta, cooked chicken, fruit salad etc. Macaws will make loud sound and they have a high level of intelligence. They need frequent intelligent simulations and if get bored they may chew things and gnaw.


Amazon parrots are very popular for their playfulness and voice.  Many of the amazons have voices similar to human. They may talk from an early stage itself. They prefer a cage which is rectangle or square in shape. Diet of amazons include dark green vegetables, corn, carrots, squash etc. Small quantities of seeds except that of sunflower and safflower can also be given.

Before taking a parrot as your pet you need to consider its behavior and lifespan, as once you take them to your home then they will be with you for years.


  • Actually, me, myself would also like to have a pet bird. Birds are really cute and pretty animals especially if you pick one with a nice color.