Perfect party: planning for a luau

luau01 A vacation on the pristine beaches of Hawaii is like a dream come true. Throw in a traditional luau and you ready to have the time of your life, enjoying the delights of a Hawaiian stay.

Unfortunately, such a vacation does not come by easily. If you still need to revive your spirits with some weekend beach fun, plan a luau yourself. Capturing few essential features of a traditional luau will ensure a fun-filled night.

Where and when

You can hold the luau at night in the cool evening breeze outdoors. Luaus are generally held on beaches. Check with required authorities about the rules of having parties on the beach.

Observe all rules regarding beach parties set by authorities. Beach accidents are not uncommon and often a tragic end to a good party. A lawn, garden or poolside area can also be suitable venues for a luau.

People and the party

Prepare invitations with a Hawaiian theme. You can attach a flower or palm frond to the invite. Mention the casual dress code – Hawaiian shirts, hula skirts, wraparounds etc are all ideal for a luau. Welcome people to the party by putting artificial or real leis (garlands) around their necks.

Decorate the party

Use candles floating in glasses to light up the venue. Arrange colorful lanterns around the place. Place surfboards on wooden crates as tables. Flower arrangements can make beautiful centerpieces.

The Beach Boys music is ideal for seaside entertainment. The music of Hawaiian musician Don Ho is also very popular. Arrange hula dancing and limbo for some beach style entertainment.

Luau – a feast of Hawaiian food

The luau is incomplete without food and drinks. Roast pig that is slow-cooked in a fire pit is a tradition of the luau. But this cannot be followed without the right expertise.

Instead manage with a variety of pork preparations, seafood dishes and white or fried rice. Pina coladas and mai tais are some of the drinks that can be served at the luau.

Enjoy the luau with a lot of love and affection or aloha!