Pedicure at Home

pedicure-at-home Your feet are one of the most important parts of your body. Sometimes people ignore their feet while they do take care of their other body parts. However, a person who is really concerned about beauty will surely take care of his/her feet. Pedicure is the professional way of taking care of your feet. Regular pedicure will keep your feet soft, beautiful, clean and stylish. If you don’t take proper care of your feet, the heels will start cracking and the skin will become rough and dry. However, you don’t have to go the parlor every time you want a pedicure. You can do it yourself at home too. Shocked? Read on for few important tips.

Warm Water: Take some warm water in a big tub. The water should be warm enough, but tolerable. Add a pinch of salt in the water and also a little amount of liquid soap. Dip your feet in the water and keep it for 10 minutes at least. Now trim your nails and shape them with a filer. If there is any old nail polish applied on the nails, remove it with a remover.

Rubbing: After keeping your feet in the warm water for 10 minutes the dirts will become loose automatically. Now take a soft brush and rub your feet well. You will see that all the dirty things are coming out of the skin. Rub all the cornets of your feet including the nails. You can also use your hand to clean your feet.

Moisturize: After cleaning the feet, bring out your feet from the water and make them dry with a towel. Then you must moisturize your feet. Take small amount of moisturizer and apply it on your feet. Massage it well all over your feet. And you will notice the different in a moment.