Peach Upside down Cake

Peach Upside down Cake Peach Upside down Cake

Peach cakes are excellent in their taste and appearance. You can make upside down peach cakes at your home. The following steps may help you to make upside down peach cake.

Take five tablespoon butter in an eight inch high round pan and heat it in low flame.

Once the butter gets melted, add four tablespoon brown sugar and quarter teaspoon nutmeg grated in to small pieces. Mix the entire mixture well and remove the pan from the heat. Spread the entire mixture evenly on the bottom of the pan. Take two cups of thinly sliced peaches and arrange them at the bottom of the pan with slight overlapping. Now sprinkle the peach slices with one teaspoon fresh lime juice.

Take one and one third cup of cake flour and mix it with one and three fourth teaspoon baking powder and quarter teaspoon salt. Then sift the flour mixture through a sieve for several times. This will help you to aerate the mixture well and thus makes possible the perfect baking.

Now get three tablespoon butter and three fourth cup of sugar and stir the mixture to make the butter soft and also to make the sugar dissolve. Now add one egg to this mixture and beat well till it makes a uniform mixture. Then add half cup of milk and one teaspoon vanilla extract to this mixture and stir well till you get a uniform mixture. Now combine the flour mixture with butter mixture with constant stirring. Beat the entire mixture well till it makes a sheet consistency.

Pour the entire cake mixture in to the prepared pan having peach slices. Now keep the pan in a pre heated oven and bake the cake at 375 degree for about thirty five minutes. Then allow the cake to cool for five minutes in the pan itself. Then invert the pan containing cake to a serving plate and keep it in the inverted position for two minutes. Now you can lift your pan slowly so that the cake will be on the serving plate with peach slices on top of the cake. You can serve this cake hot or can be kept in refrigerator for cooling.