Party the eco-friendly way

party-the-eco-friendly Being environment-friendly doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Parties can be made eco-friendly so that your fun doesn’t harm Mother Nature. The compromise involved is not so big; we just need to get rid of our waste-inducing habits. You’ll be surprised to find how much you can do without once you take the initiative to change.

Parties are generally large-scale events that require plenty of supplies. Most of this goes into the garbage and a large part cannot be recycled. Thus begins the saga of nature’s destruction by detrimental elements. Avoid being a part of this force and go green in your entertaining ways.

Balloons, streamers and other decorative items are not friendly to the environment. Besides, they are used once and then discarded. Replace them at your party with reusable or ‘green’ products. Use wall hangings and lanterns already in your house and add a festive touch to them.

Instead of buying flowers that will fade and be thrown away after a day, decorate your home with potted plants. These will add greenery and color. You can also have flowering plants arranged on the window sills and mantels.

Dinner ware
Plastic and paper plates and cups cause immense waste. Reusable dinner ware is a better option. You save money too as these plates can be used for the next party. Make sure that you have help for cleaning up though.

Invitations and favors
Email the invitations to the party instead of using paper invites. E-vites come in many different styles and colors; you will certainly find something to your liking.

If you must use paper, use recycled paper or cards that can be embellished and transfigured into something new. For the party favors, you can give seeds or saplings that can be planted and taken care of by the guests, thus making the world greener and better.

Food and drinks
Avoid packaged food products and also those that use artificial coloring. Make a healthy and delicious feast at home. Think finger foods, iced tea or lemonade and homemade cupcakes or brownies.

Have a merry ‘green’ time!