Party goodbyes: planning a farewell party

farewell-party It’s never easy to say goodbye to friends or family. For this reason, farewell parties can be difficult to handle. But remember that it is harder on the person who is going away to a new place: either moving away or transferred on the job. Throwing a fun filled farewell party is a cheerful way to say goodbye.

Let the person for whom you’re throwing the farewell feel loved; let them know that they will be missed. Throw a unique party that they’ll remember for a long time.


Select a fun theme for the party like rock and roll or Arabian Nights. If possible, match the theme of your party to the interests of the guest of honor. You can also connect the theme to the place where they’re going – a new country or state.

Place of farewell

The party can be held in the house of a friend or family member. You can also choose to have the party at a favourite hangout of the guest of honor. It could be their favorite restaurant or a place that has special memories for all of you.


Decorate festively with balloons and flowers. Place various pictures around the house. Group photographs taken on special occasions such as birthdays, picnics etc can take the guests on a trip down memory lane.

Food and drinks

The focus will be on enjoying the company of the person who is leaving. Keep the menu simple, whether you’re ordering from a restaurant or making food at home.

Include the guest of honor’s favorite dishes and drinks. While some may want to drown their sorrow in alcohol, consider having a few non-alcoholic beverages as well.

Farewell present

Present a lovely gift to the person leaving that he or she will cherish forever. It can be a signed photo frame with a group photo inserted or a compiled photo album with pictures from his or her childhood till the present.

Bid adieu with a smile and a farewell party so that your loved one has only happy memories before he or she goes away.