Parents of The Bride Attire

parents-of-the-bride-attire Parents play an important role on their child’s wedding day. In some cases, they play an active role in the preparation for the wedding. Others may play a symbolic part in the ceremony. Whatever the case, it is important that on the big day, the parents look their best.

Mother of the bride

It may have been a good idea for mother and daughter to dress alike on other occasions. But at a wedding, the bride has to look unique as it is her wedding day. So wearing white, however pretty it looks on you, is not a good idea. Black would be too somber for a wedding.

Select colors that suit your skin and figure.

Looking younger than your years and aiming for the comment ‘I can’t believe you have a daughter who’s getting married’ is not necessary. As the mother, you should look dignified, graceful and of course, lovely.

You can also choose colors that are being worn by the bridal party. However, avoid wearing the same dress as the bridesmaid or the mother of the groom. Start looking for a dress much in advance before the wedding so you have time for alterations.

Father of the bride

The father of the bride mostly walks the bride down the isle. For him to look his elegant best, the father can wear a suit of his own personal choice. Or he can also choose to match the groom’s and the groomsmen’s attire.

An important part of the attire is the boutonniere

The groom wears a flower on his tuxedo on the left side as part of a tradition symbolizing love. This flower is mostly worn to match the bridal bouquet. The father of the bride and the father of the groom are both required to wear the same boutonniere as the groom.

Look your best and look proud as you see your daughter through one of the happiest days of her life.