Pantech P9020 – A Small Smartphone For AT&T

You might not call the Pantech P9020 handset the prettiest device in town, but this upcoming smartphone from Pantech is a cute small phone that could easily fit into your palm. This locked smartphone will come with AT&T contract.Pantech P9020 features

You can’t help admiring the small and sleek body of Pantech P9020, measuring 3.68 inches (height) x 2.52 inches (wide) x 0.55 inches (depth). This lightweight Pantech product will weight only 4.59 ounce or 130 grams. This touchscreen Pantech smartphone will sport a 2.8 inches TFT touch sensitive display. The phone’s screen will support images of 240 x 320 pixels resolution and will support more than 262 thousand colors. Considering the importance of a physical keyboard, Pantech has also incorporated a slide out full QWERTY keyboard in the device.

QWERTY keyboard is usually adored by cell phone users who consider the smartphones as the most convenient device to stay connected to social networking sites on the move. Pantech P9020 will offer its users a decent phone camera. The 2-megapixel camera of the touchphone is equipped with self-timer. The music player of this upcoming phone is capable of playing audio files in the MP3, AAC+, MIDI and WAV formats. Pantech P9020 also supports video playback.

The stereo Bluetooth support of the smartphone will allow users to listen to music, blaring through the integrated MP3 player of the phone, through wireless headsets. Pantech P9020 is fitted with USB port. The integrated browser of Pantech P9020 will allow users to surf the internet. To facilitate speedy data download, Pantech P9020 comes with 3G support. Pantech P9020 will run on the quad band GSM and tri band UMTS networks of AT&T. The built-in GPS of the smartphone and the voice guided AT&T Navigator service of the carrier will help you to find your destinations.

The microSD slot of the phone will aid external memory expansion. The 1000 mAh Li-Ion battery of Pantech P9020 will permit up to 4.8 hours of talk time and up to 12 days of stand by time. Users can also access prominent AT&T services such as AT&T Radio, AppCenter and YPmobile. All messaging formats such as SMS, MMS, IM and email are supported by Pantech P9020. Standard cell phone tools such as alarm, stopwatch, calculator, world clock and notepad are included in the device.