Pan Fried Chicken

Pan Fried Chicken Pan fried Chicken

Pan fried chicken will be an excellent dish. Here are some tips to make pan fried chicken.

Pan fried Chicken and Ham in Cheese Sauce

Take four large chicken breast fillets and season it with pepper and salt. Then keep a frying pan over the stove and heat it. Add two tablespoon of cooking oil to the pan. Then place the seasoned chicken fillets in this oil and fry it for about six to eight minutes on each side or till it gets cooked. Then take the cooked chicken out of the pan and keep aside. Then add one cup of white wine in to the pan for deglazing. Now add half teaspoon of chicken bouillon cube or you can also use the powder instead of these cubes. Boil the chicken bouillon cube for about two to three minutes.

Collect four large slices of cooked ham and four large slices of Gruyeres cheese. Get a baking dish and grease it with a little butter. Now arrange the cooked chicken, cooked ham and Gruyeres cheese in the baking dish in alternate order. Take four ounce of cream cheese and keep it for thawing. Then cut the cream cheese in to small cubes and add it to the boiling wine mixture. Mix the whole ingredient to get a cheese sauce. Then add one tablespoon of chopped parsley in to this sauce and mix well. Check the consistency of the sauce and if it is not of enough thickness then add some corn starch dissolved in water to this and mix well.

Add this thick sauce to the chicken and ham slices kept in the baking dish and bake the entire contents in a preheat oven at 375 F temperature. Bake the contents for about fifteen minutes at high heat. Now you can serve it with mashed potatoes.

Tangy Pan-Fried Chicken in Spicy Cheese Sauce.

Get one cup of Parmesan cheese and heat it till it gets melt. Now add one teaspoon Worcestershire sauce and blend them well till you get a uniform color. Now keep this mixture in refrigerator.

Fry two chicken breasts in a pan with equal amounts oil and butter and fry the chicken till it becomes light brown. Then add salt, thyme, whole pepper and chili flakes to the pan. Prick holes in the chicken meat and spray some red wine.

Get the cheese from the refrigerator and cut it in to stripes. Keep this stripe on the hot chicken and serve hot.