Painting Your Home With Feng Shui Colors

Sight influences our mind. Different colors evoke different emotions. The feeling elicited after seeing a bright red rose might be different from the emotion that will arise after seeing the azure blue sky. Taking into account the role of colors in influencing our minds, we should select paints and colors of the furnishing and upholsteries accordingly. Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement, has strongly emphasized the role of colors in determining our fortune.

Feng Shui colors

Yin and yang colors

Balancing different types of colors help to attain a balance between the yin and yang energies. Yin is the feminine energy. It is associated with everything that is passive, cold and dark. Yang on the other hand is masculine energy. It stands for warmth, activity and vibrancy. Too much of either yin or yang is bad for your emotional health. Blue, purple, black, pink, green and white are yin colors. Yang colors include yellow, orange, red, mauve, brown, maroon, beige and gold. Yin colors create an atmosphere of dreaminess.

These colors should dominate areas in your house where you need some peace of mind. Yin colors are most suitable for bedrooms and studies. Yang colors are suitable for areas in your house where you entertain guests. If you are prone to depression, painting the walls of your room with yang colors could help to boost your mood and fill you with energy. These colors would make you cheerful. However, overuse of bright shades of certain yang colors such as yellow might increase anxiety.

Feng Shui elements and colors

Each color represents one of the five elements – earth, fire, water, wood and metal. Earth colors such as beige and light yellow should be used for painting the northeast and southwest rooms of your house. The southwest and northeast areas of your house should be splashed with fire colors such as orange, red, pink purple and bright yellow. Water colors such as blue and black should be used in the east, north and southeast areas of your room. The east, south and southwest areas could sport wood colors such as green and brown. Metal colors such as white and gray are recommended for coloring the west, north and northwest areas of the house.