Packing a travel wardrobe

71102181 While dressing for a party, one selects the best clothes and finest jewelry as everything is available at one’s disposal in their house. But when you’re traveling, you can’t carry your house with you. Like it or not, your clothes for all occasions have to be fit into suitcases.

Unexpected occasions on travels may make you rue the miniscule size of your suitcase. It is necessary, therefore, to pack for every conceivable occasion. This can be done easily without having to carry your entire closet.

Weather wear
A hot tropical destination and a cocktail party – you have an elegant evening gown for the occasion but it is heavy and full sleeved. You may have a miserable evening and wish you had never attended the party. It is important, hence, to check the weather, climate and season in the place you’re traveling to.

Think and foresee
Go over your entire travel itinerary. What are the likely activities you’ll be engaging in? Country walks, beach fun, sightseeing in churches and museums or partying in European nightclubs: you’ll need an outfit for every occasion.

Pack according to your needs and then pack more. If your trip involves plenty of social events, then you’ll need a dress for every one of them. The little black dress rarely goes amiss with a few well-chosen pieces of jewelry. But if one of these events is by a poolside, you’ll feel out of place without a swimsuit.

Ensure that you pack clothes for every conceivable occasion. Carry along plenty of colors along with blacks and whites to mix and match on your travels.

Fabric fantasies
Rich, expensive fabrics make stunning outfits but are impractical on a trip. Carry light, easy-to-wash fabrics that are low-maintenance. You wouldn’t want to be spending half your trip doing laundry, would you?

Value your valuables
It is best to avoid carrying your precious ornaments like diamond rings, gold jewelry or sapphire earrings. Accidents do happen when you’re away from home and luggage has a strange habit of getting misplaced.
Planning and preparation will ensure a wonderful wardrobe for your travel vacation.