Ovarian Cancer Survival

Ovarian cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths among women. It is estimated that in US itself nearly 1 in 56 women suffer from ovarian cancer and about 15,000 women die every year from this disease. The chances of surviving ovarian cancer depend largely on the stage of the disease. The earlier the disease is diagnosed greater is the chance of surviving ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer staging

Ovarian cancer staging is same as that in other types of cancers. In the stage 1 of the cancer, the cancer cells or the malignant tumors are present only in one or both the ovaries. At this stage, the cancer cells have not invaded or broken the membrane of the ovaries. In Stage II, the cancer cells are no longer confined to the ovaries.

They have invaded the pelvic organs such as the uterus and fallopian tube. In the third stage of ovarian cancer, the disease spreads to the abdomen. The abdominal lymph nodes are also affected by cancer at this advanced stage of ovarian cancer. In the fourth or the last stage of the disease, cancer spreads to distant organs such as the lungs and the brain.

Ovarian cancer survival rate

To make matters worse, ovarian cancer is usually diagnosed at the advanced stage of the disease when the survival rate is low. If the cancer is diagnosed at the stage I, over 75 percent women survive for over five years. If the disease spreads to the abdomen, only 20 percent women could live beyond five years.

Increasing your chances of surviving ovarian cancer

Early diagnosis of the disease is essential for ovarian cancer survival. A recent study has shown that ovarian cancer survival could be aided with healthy diet. Changing your diet after cancer diagnosis might not increase your chances of surviving the deadly disease. A lifelong healthy diet could only help to survive ovarian cancer. Fresh fruits vegetables and whole grains should dominate your regular diet.

Cruciferous vegetables and yellow vegetables are best diet for surviving ovarian cancer. You should reduce your red meat consumption to less than one serving a week. Excess consumption of milk and dairy products might not be beneficial for women who have a risk of developing ovarian cancer.

  • sometimes ovarian cancer called as silent disease, the symptoms start appears when the stage goes advance.