Organize your morning routine

Organize your morning routine You have a state of the art date book to schedule your activities. It may seem that you are the most organized person ever. But if you’re still living in the eye of a hurricane every morning, then maybe you’re not so organized after all.

Getting through the crazy morning routine in a calm and orderly fashion is essential. If the dawn starts off on a wrong note, then you probably can’t expect much from the rest of the day until dusk. You may need some time to get used to a new organized routine but the upshot of your practice will be worth the effort.

Follow some simple tips to organize your morning schedule.

The night before
Start with a to-do list of your regular morning habits. Obviously, brushing and drinking coffee the previous night won’t save time in the morning; you’ll need to do the same again. But packing your briefcase for work and keeping it in a place close to the door will help you to avoid forgetting essential papers at home in the morning rush.

If you have children, have them keep their backpacks ready the night before as well. Any mysteriously misplaced books and pencils can be found at this time rather than the next morning.

Decide what you’re going to wear and keep it ready the night before in your closet. In the morning, you may waste precious time in looking for something only to realize that it’s missing a button or has a very visible coffee stain.

In the morning
If you like having a cup of coffee while listening to music or the morning news; or meditating for fifteen minutes, set aside time for it in the morning. Keep your breakfast ready to eat in the fridge the night before.

Always set the alarm at a time 10 minutes before you actually need to get up. This allows some time for snoozing; and if you get up earlier than usual, you finish your work twice as early and gain some time to relax.

Be a ‘morning’ person every day of the week.