Organize a book club dinner gathering

book-club-dinner-gathering Some people like to read, others like to eat. Some other people like to read and eat. Meet the book club/dinner club members who combine their love of books along with their culinary desires. Even those who don’t like to eat need to munch on snacks while reading and discussing their favorite books.

So how does one go about planning these get-togethers? Surely, without proper organization and behavior they could turn out to be fiascos! Imagine not having enough food for everyone or discussing the neighbor’s new car rather than the book.

Who’s the host?
It really depends on the members of the book club. You can designate one member as the host or each of the members can take it in turns to host the event. The latter option is more desirable as the pressure of entertaining does not fall upon one person only. A potluck dinner ensures that every member contributes something to the feast.

In case your club is meeting for dinner, brunch, or tea at a restaurant or café, the person who suggested the place should take the responsibility of leading the group. He/she also places the order.

Let the games begin
As enthusiastic as you may be about books, it is not always the first thing on your mind. When the members first meet, some time passes in general conversation. Allow sufficient time for this and then begin the discussion about the book.

For a dinner party, the socializing can take place over the meal and dessert time can be reserved for discussing the book.

Hand in hand
A simple and light menu suffices for a book club meeting. And if your meal matches the theme of the book, you’re golden! For example, you can select local dishes from the author’s country; or arrange for food of the period in which the book was written (if it is historical).

Soft music, ambience and a wonderful book complete the preparation for your book club dinner gathering.