Orange Chicken Recipe

orangechicken Orange Chicken Recipe

Orange chicken is a different type of chicken that has orange flavor. You can definitely try this for your special guests. You can prepare this with out having much effort and is very tasty too. The following steps may help you to make orange chicken.

Tips to Make Orange Chicken

Get a large piece of chicken breast that is boned and skinned. Then cut the chicken breast lengthwise in to halve. Now keep one portion of the chicken breast in between the two pieces of plastic wrap with the boned side up. Then use a meat mallet to lightly pound the chicken and thus make a rectangle out of it having about 18 inch thickness. Continue the same with the other chicken piece and remove the wrap. Now sprinkle the chicken pieces with salt.

Get a bowl and in this add half cup cooked rice, one dash of grounded cinnamon and ¼ teaspoon of finely shredded orange rind. Mix them well and part them in to half. Use one half of this mixture to spread on top of one half of chicken breast. Spread it evenly on top of the chicken breast also take care to fill the edges. Now fold the sides of the chicken breast and roll it in from one side in to a jelly roll manner. Repeat the same process with the other chicken breast too.

Place the chicken rolls in a baking dish preferably shallow and care should be taken to keep the seam side down. Cover them with clear plastic wrap that has vents. Place the baking dish in the microwave at 50 percent power and keep it for about 8 minutes or until the chicken becomes tender. Keep the baked chicken rolls to a serving plate and keep aside.

Orange Sauce

Take half cup of orange juice in a microwave safe bowl and to this half cup water containing one and a half teaspoon cornstarch. Microwave the entire contents for about two minutes at high power. Then add two tablespoon of broken walnut meats. Pour this orange sauce over the chicken roll on the serving plate and decorate it with a rose made out of cucumber.

Now your orange chicken is ready.