Opus One – First Motorola iDEN Android Phone

Droid and its European sibling Milestone are so far the best Motorola phones running on the Android platform. Soon Motorola will launch the first iDEN Android phone, Motorola Opus One. Incorporating the advantages of the iDEN network, Motorola Opus One will probably come with a Sprint contract.

Motorola Opus One features
Running on the Android 1.5 operating system, Motorola Opus One will offer iDEN features such as push to talk function. Opus One is a full touch screen device. It sports a 3.1 inches capacitative touch screen with 320 x 480 pixels resolution. The accelerometer integrated in the device will automatically switch between portrait and landscape views, depending on whether you are grasping the Opus One handset vertically or horizontally. To enhance the touch sensitivity of the display, the screen is equipped with proximity sensor. Similar to other touch screen devices with capacitive display, the screen of Opus One will not respond to stylus or when touched with gloved fingers. The dedicated virtual buttons will provide haptic feedback, creating the sensation of using physical buttons. The camera of the Android powered phone will sport 3 megapixel resolution, LED flash and auto focus. Motorola Opus One will feature multimedia player, Bluetooth and 2.5mm headset jack.

The integrated Wi-Fi support will enable users to access the internet in the Wi-Fi hotspots. The PTT and PTX services will allow users to connect to contacts with the push of a button. Users can also take advantage of the Enterprise email function. This Google app is considered a better alternative to Microsoft Exchange, and it is cheaper than the Microsoft service. To aid navigation function, Motorola Opus One has built-in iDEN GPS and the Android Location Based Service or LBS app. The dual-mic technology is integrated in the device to minimize noise in a noisy surrounding. The quality of the browsing experience will be augmented by the preloaded Flash Lite 3.1. Several useful applications including document viewer, Motonav navigation app, and corporate email client with Active Sync support and barcode scanner are preinstalled in Motorola Opus One. Opus One has 512MB internal storage space. External memory of the device could be expanded with microSD card.