OPERA MINI – The Most Scintillating Mobile Web Browser


OPERA MINI is a mobile phone enabled web browser which is used among both java as well as symbian handsets. OPERA MINI is small sized software having only kilobytes and can be easily downloaded as well as installed.

Web browsing using mobile phones used to be a hectic task earlier, but with the revolution of OPERA MINI, the outlook of mobile web browsing has taken a step forward. The lightening speed with which files are downloaded is indeed a treat to watch.

OPERA was launched in 1994 within TELENOR as a trial, but with its success, it was soon brought out as OPERA SOFTWARE ASA.Today OPERA develops software’s for personal computers as well as for mobile phones. The first OPERA software developed for mobile phone was OPERA MINI 2, but it was more like a stepping stone towards higher versions. Then came OPERA MINI 3, OPERA MINI 4,OPERA MINI 4.1,OPERA MINI 4.2 The latest being OPERA MINI 5 BETA. The latest version seems to be more like a fourth generation mobile browser.

Features of OPERA MINI

OPERA MINI links any page requests towards its host severs which has around 150 servers in order to avoid the predicaments of traffic. Thus the web page is compressed and transferred to the user at a speed of about five times the speed of an ordinary browser. Another interesting feature it has is the option of reducing it to mobile view, which means that it itself reduces to the size of any mobile screen, thus making it faster for pages to be downloaded.

OPERA MINI has a bookmark option which saves those important links which you feel is required, and it can be recovered by directly opting for the bookmark. Scrolling is much simpler and faster as it uses joystick or number keys for its movement. It is adaptable with any GPRS enabled mobiles.

Nowadays mobiles like SAMSUNG X160, X650, NOKIA6288, 3110c, MOTOROLA V980, E2, L7 have OPERA MINI already installed. Hence there is no hesitation in saying that it would turn out to be the coolest mobile browser in the coming years.