Olympus LS-11-The pocket recording studio

pocket-recording-studio We are always surrounded by so many different types of sounds. Sometimes when we hear the chirping of an unknown bird or a song sung by an unknown singer, we immediately want to capture it on our recording device. For the habitual music lover, Olympus has unveiled its latest portable digital audio device – Olympus LS-11.

Olympus LS-11 features
Mobile recording studio
Olympus LS-11 is a mobile pocket-recording studio. Similar to its predecessor, Olympus LS-10, LS-11 can record sounds in 24 bit/96kHz Linear PCM. This ensures that no matter wherever you are, you can still capture studio quality sound with LS-11. Olympus LS-11 supports WAV, MP3 and WMA audio files. You can record and playback in any of these formats. You can either use the integrated internal microphone or attach an external microphone for recording.

Voice Synchronization Recording
In most audio recorders, if you switch on the recording device before the musical program had actually started, you will hear the sound of dead air when you playback the recording. The Voice Synchronize Recording feature of LS-11 has removed this recording menace. The extremely sensitive microphones of the LS-11 could only sense pre-set level sounds, allowing users to switch on LS-11 safely, before the actual occurrence of the event. LS-11 will automatically record sounds as it senses them.

Easy editing
LS-11 also makes the editing task extremely easy. In the PCM mode, as you record or playback, you can add index marks at specific parts. You can later track these marked portions easily. You can also edit files, divide files and make partial cuts. You can also copy and move files to SD memory cards.

LS-11 has 8GB internal storage capacity. With SD memory card, the external memory of this digital recording device could be extended to 32GB.

Other features
Olympus LS-11 features a 1.8-inch LCD with back illumination, an ergonomically designed dial thumb pad and two built-in 13mm stereo speakers. LS-11 measures 131.5mm x 48mm x 22.4mm and weighs 165 grams. It supports recording time up to 12 hours 45 minutes, 142 hours and 278 hours on Linear PCM, MP3 and WMA formats respectively.

LS-11 digital audio device costs $399.99. It will be available from September.