Olympus Introduces E-600 DSLR With Art Filters

Olympus E-600 To enhance your photography skills further, Olympus has launched a super compact DSLR camera, named E-600 DSLR. This new Olympus DSLR camera has incorporated image stabilization, art filters and several creative features that will enable E-600 users to produce images with an artistic touch.

Olympus E-600 features
The 5.11 inches wide, 3.7 inches wide and 2.36 inches thin body of the DSLR camera integrates several stunning digital photography features that would enable even first time photographers to handle a DSLR camera like a pro. Powered by the TruePic III + image-processing engine, Olympus E-600 handles the shooting task with élan. High quality image clarity is assured by the 12.3 megapixel Live MOS sensor fitted to the DSLR camera. Irrespective of the lighting condition, E-600 preserves image details. The Live MOS sensor supports superb nighttime shooting with minimal noise disturbance and with up to 3200 of ISO. With this new Olympus camera, you need not worry about your images being ruined by the dust accumulating on your camera lens. The Supersonic Wave Filter of the camera automatically removes dust from the camera every time you turn on E-600. The three art filters integrated in Olympus E-600 will help you to enhance the artistic tone of the pictures captured with the camera. With Pop Art, you can create brighter detailed images. To give your pictures a dream-like affect, you can opt for the Soft Focus feature.

To create more life-like images, you can darken the outer edge of the picture with the Pin Hole feature. If you are someone who loves experimenting with photography techniques, you might consider shooting scenes from weird angles. You can rotate the LCD display of the camera up to 270-degrees angle to view the effect of composing images from different angles. The 2.7-inch HyperCrystal III LCD display of the camera exhibits stunning live view of the images. The seven-point auto focus of the camera automatically adjusts focus according to the scenario of the shooting. For capturing moving objects, you can opt for the Phase Detection auto focus of the camera. The three modes image stabilization function, shadow adjustment technology and the face detection feature that detects up to eight different faces in a single frame further augment the quality of Olympus E-600.

Olympus E-600 costs $749.99.