Olive Oil Benefits

Olive Oil Benefits

Olive tree bears a fruit called Olive which on extraction gives a highly beneficial fruit oil called Olive Oil. This natural oil with its large number of uses is used in various aspects. Olive oil contains acids like Palmitic, Myristic and lignoceric acids along with high iodine content.

Different shades of Olive oil are available like virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, pure olive oil, lampanate oil etc, with the best grade being virgin olive oil. These oils are used for skin care, medical applications and nutrition.

Skin Care

Olive oil is used as a moisturizer for skin. This is also used amongst men as an after shave. It also serves the purpose of lubrication oil. To remove ear wax; this oil can be of great use. The fragrant olive oil used as moisturizer emits fresh and non-pungent smell leaving a clean and soft skin. It can also be used to avoid dry lips. Application over face makes it charming, smooth and makes face gorgeous.

Medical Applications

The olive oil has large number of medical applications. Researchers have found out that olive oil reduces bad cholesterol as it has high amount of polyphenols. Alzheimer disease can be reduced with this as it replaces saturated fats. Allergic reactions can be reduced with this being used as a moisturizer. Blood pressure too can be reduced.

Nutritional Value

The olive oil tastes great, so it can be used as an ingredient in many dishes. On the whole it is rich with polyphenyl antioxidants, vitamins like K, E, A and rich in oleic acid.

High consumption of olive oil does provide harmful effects to our body. The omega-6 fatty acids present in this oil can lead to breast cancer in women. This is found in women after menopause. Skin cancer and rashes are formed when after application of olive oil and with direct exposure to ultraviolet rays. This natural oil can be used in lighting lamps mainly with lampanate grade oil and also used in soap manufacture in factories. A machine part requires lubricating oil for removing screws, nuts, bolts etc. Olive oil can be extensively used in this field too.