Oily Skin Make-Up Tips

42-15654381 We apply make-up to enhance our appearance. However, women with oily skin have a difficult time trying to retain their oil free appearance. The oil would soon collect on the surface of the skin, especially on the forehead and nose, creating shiny patches. It is a challenging task to make your make-up last on your oily skin for a long time. Nonetheless, if you carefully choose your make-up and follow a regular skin care routine, you could reduce the greasy feeling of your skin and preserve your make-up for a longer time.

The grease absorbs dirt and grime, which blocks the pores of the skin, causing acne and pimples. By applying a carefully chosen skin cleanser, this menacing problem of oily skin could be reduced significantly. Always use an oil free cleanser to remove the grease and dirt from the skin. Oil free deep pore skin cleansers are most suitable for oily skins. Do not rub your skin excessively while cleansing the skin. Too much scrubbing will further stimulate oil production, making your skin excessive oily.

After cleaning your face, apply astringent to tighten the pores of the skin. You can also apply rose water on your skin. To tighten the pores of the skin and reduce the oiliness, rub a piece of ice allover your face.

To hydrate your skin, you must apply a moisturizer. To reduce the oiliness of your skin, apply a 100 percent oil free moisturizer. You can use your moisturizer as your make-up base. If you want to apply a foundation, select an oil free one. Matte foundations could last long on oily skins. You can also opt for silicon-based primers, which can help to reduce the oiliness of the skin, preserving your make up for a long time.

Women with oily skin should always apply powder blushers. Powder blushers remain on the skin for longtime and it reduces appearance of greasy patches on the cheeks.

Eye makeup
Instead of using regular mascara, waterproof mascara is safe for oily skin. It reduces risks of smudges. You should also select powder eye shadows.

After completing your make up, to remove any trace of oil on your skin, gently press a blotting paper on your face.