Oily Hair

Oily Hair

Oily hair is seen in people having high level of hormones. Increased level of hormones in the body leads to the formation of hyperactive oil glands. The oil glands with in the scalp will produce more oil and this oil in turn clogs the hair follicles. Excessive oil with in the scalp and hair attract more dust  and this is turn may cause infections on the scalp.

The hair appears lifeless and dull and it needs extra care for getting rid of the dirt and oil from the hair. Here are some treatments that you can practice at your home for oily hair.

Remedies for Oily Hair


Collect two handful of mint leaves and add this to one and a half glass of water taken in a pan. Boil this water for about 20 minutes. Filter this liquid from the pan and mix it with 300 ml of your shampoo.

Lemon Juice

Take two cup of clean water and to this add the juice taken from two fresh lemons. Mix this liquid very well and spray it on your scalp and hairs. Massage the lemon juice mixture on your scalp for five or ten minutes. Then wash the hair with cool water.

Shampoo for Oily Hair

Make a powder out of some green grams and mix one cup of it with half cup of powdered fenugreek seeds. Then add two cups of Acacia concinna which is also called shikakai powder. Keep this mixture in an airtight bottle and mix one teaspoon of this mixture with an egg white. Use this mixture for shampooing the hair. Even though it doesn’t make any lather it will definitely clean your hairs.

Malt Vinegar

Take a glass of water to this add one tablespoon of malt vinegar and a pinch of salt. Now apply two tablespoon of mixture on your scalp and massage it all over the head with your fingers. Leave this on your head for about a hour and then wash off with cool water.

Also avoid the intake of fatty foods and instead include more vegetables in your diet. Try to shampoo your hair on every second day and use shampoos made especially for the oily hair.