Nutrition during Pregnancy

nutrition-during-pregnancy Proper and healthy nutrition during pregnancy is very vital. Since every bite counts, make the most of what you eat. You need to follow a balanced diet with the right proportion of nutrients.

Protein Content

The content of protein in your diet is very important during pregnancy. You get protein from fish, poultry, eggs, meat, and beans. These foods are also rich in iron and B vitamins. Protein is very important for the growth and development of your baby. During the second as well as third trimesters, you have to be very particular about your intake of protein.

Now how much of protein should you consume. You should have about three servings of foods that are rich in protein in a day. For breakfast, you can have a whole-wheat toast with a layer of peanut butter. When you want to snack you can munch a handful of yummy soy nuts. For lunch, you can have an omelet or even scrambled eggs. For dinner it is a healthy option to have one salmon fillet. Black beans and chickpeas can be added to your salad.

Protein Servings

You should know how much one serving of protein is. A serving equals to half cup of cooked dried beans, half cup of tofu, three ounces cooked fish, poultry or lean meat, one-third cup of nuts, one egg, or two tablespoons of peanut butter.

Milk and Dairy Products

Dairy products as well as soy milk with fortified calcium are good sources of calcium, which help in the development of your baby’s teeth and bones. You also get protein, vitamin A, and vitamin D from milk products.

Make sure you have at least four servings of milk products in a day. In the morning add milk to your bowl of cereals. For an afternoon snack you can have yogurt and you won’t feel hungry. While enjoying salad, add cheese to it. After dinner, have one glass of milk.