Nokia N86 8MP – The Dual Slider Smartphone

nokia-n86 The Nokia N series phones are designed to equip computer and multimedia functionality in a single cell phone. Nokia N86 8MP is the latest offering from this leading global cell phone manufacturer. You might consider Nokia N86 a high-end smartphone, which focuses on the important consumer requirements.

Nokia N86 8MP features
The features of the Nokia N86 hardware are comparable to that of Nokia N85. The 2.6-inch AMOLED display of N86 looks stunning. Compared to the traditional LCD displays of most cell phones, there are several advantages of having an AMOLED screen. On AMOLED displays, you can view brighter, more colorful images of better contrast ratio. AMOLED screens also consume less battery power of cell phones.

The sleek dual slider design makes N86 one of the best-looking smartphones. The design of the handset makes it appear less crammed. The individual physical keys arranged on the control cluster of the handset are designed for easy use. The buttons of the key pad are evenly spaced with nice tactile feedback. However, you might find its 149-gram weight, a little heavy to be carried in your shirt pocket.

The 8-megapixel camera of the phone is undoubtedly one of its most prominent features. The camera is fitted with wide angle Carl Zeiss optics. The fast shutter speed of the camera will enable users to snap pictures instantly. Nokia N86 8MP is the first cell phone whose camera is equipped with variable aperture. This will help you to get bright images even in low light condition. The in built GPS of the phone will allow geo-tagging of pictures snapped with its camera.

Nokia N86 8MP will run on GSM and HSDPA networks. It will support EDGE, 3G, Bluetooth and WiFi. The scratch resistant screen of the N89 8MP is fitted with accelerometer sensor, which allows instant auto rotation of images as you move the phone from vertical to horizontal position. It has 8GB internal storage space, which can be extended to 16GB with microSD memory card. The pre-loaded Nokia Messaging app eases the emailing task.

Nokia N86 8MP costs ₤400.