Nokia Introduces Affordable 1616, 1800, 2220 And 2690

nokia 2220 By the end of this year, we would see several affordable Nokia phones in the global market. If you are searching for a cheap Christmas gift, you can select any one of these Nokia phones. Nokia 1616, 1800, 2220 and 2690 are simple cell phones that have been created for the cell phone buyers on a tight budget.

Nokia 1616 features
The 24-euro Nokia 1616 is an upgraded version of its cheaper cousin Nokia 1280. The 15mm thin mono block Nokia handset has a 1.8-inch TFT color display with 128 x 160 pixels resolution and 65K colors support. The changeable color covers of the phone will allow you to drape you Nokia 1616 handset in dark red, dark blue, black and dark gray colors. This Nokia phone features a large dust resistant keypad. Running on the S30 operating system, this cell phone will provide standard communication functions, including text messaging and picture messaging. This phone also comes with FM radio and built-in flashlight. The rechargeable battery of the handset will support up to 8.52 hours of talk time and up to 540 hours of standby time. In select markets, Nokia 1616 will come with Nokia Life Tools.

Nokia 1800
Despite slight variations in design and slightly higher price, Nokia 1800 could hardly be differentiated from Nokia 1616. Running on the S30 platform, Nokia 1800 features 1.8-inch color display, FM radio, flashlight and Nokia Life Tools support. It carries a 26-euro price tag.

Nokia 2220 slide
If you find Nokia 1616 and 1800 unattractive, you can opt for the 45-euro Nokia 2220 slide. You can personalize the home screen of this colorful slider phone. This phone boasts an 1.8inch color display, VGA camera, web browser, FM radio, Ovi mail, Bluetooth, 3.5mm headset jack and Nokia Life Tools support.

Nokia 2690
Nokia 2690 sports standard technical features in a 13.8-inch thick monoblock body. Compared to the above Nokia phones, Nokia 2690 is packed with more features. This phone is fitted with micro SD memory card slot, which allows up to 8GB of external memory expansion. Nokia 2690 comes with Bluetooth, micro USB connector and 3.5mm headset jack. Moreover, Nokia 2690 has more messaging options. You can use this phone for exchanging SMS, MMS and emails. Nokia 2690 also features VGA camera with video recording function, stereo FM radio, Nokia Music Player and web browser. Nokia 2690 costs 54 euros.