Nokia Bringing Booklet 3G Mini Laptop

nokia-booklet-3g After ruling the mobile phone sector for over two decades, Nokia is now making inroads into the netbook sector. The mobile computing features, which we have seen for a long time in the Nokia multimedia smartphones, will now be available on Nokia netbooks. Nokia Booklet 3G will mark Nokia’s entry into the PC world. The external design, the internal computing features and the 3G connectivity of the mini laptop is comparable to most Nokia smartphones, albeit on a larger scale.

Nokia Booklet 3G
Nokia Booklet 3G is a mini laptop powered by the ever-dependable Intel Atom processor. The sleek and slim design of this mini laptop would dazzle you. The ultra thin body of the netbook is about 2cm thick. The outer casing of the netbook will be wrapped in an aluminum body with a glossy finish. It weighs 1.25 kilograms.

Nokia Booklet 3G features an 10-inch glass screen designed to support high definition displays. This Nokia mini laptop will feature an HDMI port for displaying high definition videos. The integrated webcam of this Nokia mini laptop can be easily used for video conferencing. The built-in Bluetooth connectivity of Nokia Booklet 3G will allow you to synch your Nokia mini laptop with any Bluetooth compatible devices. External memory expansion of Nokia Booklet 3G will be supported with SD card.

You can also use this mini laptop to find your directions. The integrated A-GPS navigation and the Ovi Maps app will guide you to your destination. You can also access Ovi services from this Nokia netbook. Users can download songs from the Nokia Music Store. You can also synch your Nokia mini laptop with your Nokia smartphones through the Ovi Suite. High speed data download and upload will be supported by 3G, HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity. Nokia Booklet 3G will support Windows operating system. This netbook will flaunt a powerful battery, which is capable of providing juice to the mini laptop for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

Nokia Booklet 3G will probably cost around $799.