Nikon D3S – Digital SLR Camera With Superior ISO Sensitivity

Nikon D3S Nikon has unveiled an upgraded version of the popular Nikon D3. Along with the groundbreaking superior image quality and speed of its predecessor, Nikon D3S, the new member of Nikon’s digital SLR camera family, will incorporate new stunning features. Appropriately designed for the professional photographers, this new Nikon digital SLR camera will provide greater shutter speed, enhanced ISO sensitivity and better low light image quality.

Nikon D3S features
The rugged construction of Nikon D3S meets the real life requirements of professional photographers. The rigid magnesium alloy casing and the tempered glass cover of the LCD display enable this digital SLR camera to withstand dust, moisture and shock. The ergonomic design of the camera enables users to grasp their cameras comfortably while shooting.

The enhanced ISO sensitivity of Nikon D3S allows photographers to capture images even in minimal light. This camera has a base ISO sensitivity between ISO 200 and ISO 12,800. In poor lighting condition, photographers could expand the ISO sensitivity up to ISO 102,400, snapping images that could not be spotted even by the normal human eyes. The high ISO sensitivity setting will not hinder the quality of the photo print.

This new Nikon camera is equipped with 12.1-megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor. No other Nikon camera could match the light sensitivity of Nikon D3S. Despite the high ISO sensitivity, there is minimal noise interference. This camera is suitable for capturing high qualities stills and high-definition videos. Thanks to the Image Sensor Cleaning function of Nikon D3S, even dust accumulating on the image sensors could not degrade the image quality.

Better high-definition video recording will be facilitated by the redesigned D-Movie mode. Video clippings could be stored as JPEG file or in the 720p HD format. Nikon D3S has integrated monaural microphone powered by stereo sound recording capability. The High Sensitivity Movie mode utilizes the wide ISO range for recording videos. This camera also offers complete aperture control. To ensure accurate focus in every frame, this camera is fitted with 51 point auto focus. Moreover, the Single point, Dynamic area AF and the Auto-area AF modes further enhance the AF function of the camera.

Price and availability
Nikon D3S camera will be available from late November. It will cost around $5199.95.