New Zune HD Coming With Exciting Features

zune-hd All music lovers can expect an improved version of Microsoft’s Zune. It is official that Zune HD is the next generation Zune portable media player. It will be available in USA sometimes in fall this year.

Zune HD features
Zune HD has moved to a new platform. It is geared to provide the best entertainment features. To give its users access to premium movies and videos, Zune HD has incorporated Xbox LIVE Video Marketplace. It will be the first portable player that has conglomerated high definition or HD video viewing capability, Internet browser, HD radio receiver, WiFi and OLED display.

The 3.3 inch OLED touch screen display will allow users to browse through the contents, including music and videos with ease. To get the best quality image, the display has been designed in 16:9 widescreen format to view 480-x272 resolution image.  You can view videos stored in your Zune HD by connecting the Zune HD to a High Definition TV, via high definition multimedia interface docking system, which is sold separately. This will help you to get 720p resolution high definition images.

The built in HD radio receiver will produce the best quality sound, streaming from your favorite radio station. You can access several HD radio stations without paying anything extra. Users also have the option of tagging the songs they hope to buy in the future. You can convert your Zune HD into a portable digital jukebox by accessing thousands of songs over WiFi. Zune HD also features a built in accelerometer.

Unicode on Zune
There is good news for Zune lovers. Zune will soon support Unicode. Without Unicode support, Zune shows only box characters while accessing foreign music. With Unicode support, Zune will allow proper viewing of foreign music.

Now it remains to be seen whether Microsoft’s Zune HD can challenge Apple’s iPod Touch with these great features.