Natural Ways to get Rid of Garden Moles

Garden Moles Natural Ways to get Rid of Garden Moles

Garden moles are small furry animals that lives under ground and used to burrow the soil. Moles are actually insectivorous animals and they feed on the garden pests, grubs, insects etc and hence are natural insect control agents. Moles will aerate the garden soil and thus helps the plant to grow easily. Even though moles are beneficial for the garden they make the lawn ugly by burrowing the soil, making the soil and lawn uneven. They also make ways for the rodents, voles, gophers to enter in to fenced area and thus pay the way for destruction of the garden.

How to Get Rid of the Garden Moles

Castor oil

Castor oil is found to be ideal substance for getting rid of the garden moles as castor oil will act as mole repellents. For applying the castor oil first you have to water your garden and then spray castor oil around your lawn or garden. Then you sprinkle water above the castor oil and this helps the oil to settle in the soil. You can also mix two tablespoon castor oil with two tablespoon dish wash detergent and combine this mixture with one gallon warm water. Now sprinkle this on the areas around your garden.

Small Gauge Fence

Make a fence around your garden with small gauge. Keep the fence two feet down in to the soil and this discourages the moles from burrowing in to the soil.


Embed garlic cloves around the garden area and also in between the plants. While planting garlic take care to plant with the fat portion down and push the garlic clove completely down in to the soil. The smell of the garlic will prevent the moles from entering in to the garden.

Mole Traps

Find out the holes and tunnels in your land and plug them. Next day watch the plugged holes and you can see that any of them will be fixed by the mole again. This helps you to find out the active tunnels and you can fix mole traps in this tunnel.