Natural Remedies for Goiter

goiter Natural Remedies for Goiter

Goiter is a disease associated with thyroid gland. It is the enlargement of the thyroid gland which in turn is regulated by the pituitary gland present in the brain. The thyroid gland will get messages from pituitary gland and will produce hormones. For producing hormones thyroid gland requires iodine. When the amount of iodine reduces in the body the thyroid gland swells in its attempt to produce hormones. This causes swelling of the thyroid gland and this is called goiter. The size of the goiter may vary from invisible to very large and is painless also.

Symptoms of Goiter

Along with the enlargement of the thyroid gland the patient may show other symptoms. Goiter may cause depression in people and they will be emotionally very upset. There will be mood swings and loss of concentration and at times becomes very irritable.

Remedies for Goiter

1. Diet

The patient having goiter has to include foods rich in iodine in their diet. Some of the foods which are rich in Iodine are oats, lettuce, tomatoes, egg yolk, citrus fruits, carrot, cucumber, onions, sea food, whole rice etc. Also try to avoid those foods which are rich in chlorine and fluorine like chlorine water as they may cause negative impact. Drinking   of water that is boiled with barley is found to be a good remedy for goiter. Also try to avoid the foods that are rich in sugar and salt. It will be better to avoid coffee and alcoholic beverages as it may produce viral infection in the throat.

2. Flex

Grind the flex seeds and boil it in water. Apply this water on the goiter in the neck region. Then apply some flex leaves over the goiter and bandage it on the neck. This will help you to reduce the swelling.

3. Watercress

Watercress is a good source of iodine and you can make a paste with it and apply this paste over the goiter. This will help you to reduce the swelling and the daily use of watercress is enough to cure the disease.

4. Dandelion Leaves

First you have to smear the dandelion leaves with ghee and then warm these leaves. Apply them on the goiter and bandage over the neck. This will reduce the goiter in 2 weeks time.

5. Swamp Cabbage Leaves and Tea Almond

Mix one tablespoon of swamp cabbage leave’s juice and tea almonds and consume this at least twice a day.