Natural remedies for abrasions

abrasions Introduction

An abrasion is a kind of disease in which the upper layer of the skin, which we called as epidermis is affected. It generally occurs when our skin come in contact with some rough surfaces. At first some bleeding may take place, but if not dealt with cure a serious internal damage may occur. It can also cause deep scars in the skin tissues. This disease is caused especially to the children when they fall from some where. It is also caused to the sportsmen and due to some accidents.

Treating the disease

There are three steps for treating the disease at home. Art first you should clean the surface well before applying any ointment. The abrasion place much be cleaned with water and an antiseptic lotion or soap. Then the wound should be cleaned with a sterile gauze or cotton. Then it should be covered with a dry cloth and properly dressed dry so that the skin cures itself and remain free from infection. Before applying the dressing you should put some antiseptic cream or some powder to protect the area.

You should go for a tetanus injection to avoid the infection.

Natural remedies

There are many natural remedies which can be tried at home to cure the disease. – Use aloe gel on the surface to protect it against the infection, Lavender oils and calendula also provide a natural way of healing the disease. Moreover you should have a healthy diet to keep the disease in control, you should avoid alcohol, smoking and some drugs.

Marigold leaves can be used to treat the disease, these leaves has a great anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effect on the wound. Moreover you can also use diluted vinegar or some iodized salt to make the wound heal faster. You should not leave the wound open unless it gets dry.