Natural Homemade Dog and Pet Shampoo

Natural Homemade Dog and Pet Shampoo

There will be a lot of dog shampoos in the market that contains harsh chemicals, artificial colors and other ingredients. These artificial and harsh ingredients at times cause harm to your dog’s skin. If you are ready to make a shampoo for your dog at your home then you can use natural ingredients and can protect your dog’s skin from the harmful chemicals.

How to Prepare the Shampoo

Take one cup of natural liquid dish soap and to this add one cup of organic apple cider vinegar, 13 cup of natural glycerin and ¾ cup of pure water. Natural dish soap form the base of your shampoo and it provides the cleansing property to the shampoo. Glycerin adds moisture to your pet’s skin and thus helps your dog to avoid itching. While apple cider vinegar gives a refreshing scent and shine to your dog’s fur. It also helps to keep the fleas off. Vinegar also helps to remove the residues of soap left behind on the fur.

Take the natural liquid dish soap in a bottle and to this add water. Never try to beat the mixture as it may result in lather and make it difficult to work with. If you want to dilute the natural soap more, then you can add ore water. Now add one cup of cider vinegar and mix well and then slowly add glycerin and combine the entire mixture. Store the finished product in a clean bottle and shake it before use.

Dry Skin Shampoo

If your dog has a dry skin then you can make shampoo for that. For this you need to mix one box of corn starch with ten drops of either tea tree oil or lemon oil or rosemary oil or lavender oil. Then add one and a half cup of corn meal to this mixture and mix well. You can use this shampoo when ever your dog needs a bath and apply it on your dog’s skin and keep it there for 5 minutes and then wash off.

Tick and Flea Shampoo

Take two cup warm water and to this add 2 tablespoon each of peppermint oil, white cedar oil, eucalyptus oil and ¼ cup of citronella oil. Mix the entire contents well and store in a bottle.