Natural home remedies for toothache

toothache Good teeth are very important for perfect  health and appearance.  Teeth are a sign of proper aesthetic beauty and engineering. so they must be taken good care of.  Toothache remedies are the most sought after information because toothache can occur anytime without giving any kind of  warning.This is also the most common problem of the people.


The general symptoms of toothache are – a sharp pain in the  root of the tooth, the upper flesh becomes much flabby, the pain remains constant or it appears with a period of certain intervals.The pain is to be treated immediately otherwise the tooth has to be extracted .

Causes of the disease

Toothache is mostly caused by unbalanced diet. Consuming soft drinks, drinks which contain carbohydrates, eating sweets, pastries etc can do a lot of harm to the teeth. The main tooth  problem is caused through the tooth decay.  The bacteria in the mouth breaks the sugar into acids which combines with the calcum in the enamel and thus causes the decay.

Home remedies for tooth decay

The first tip is, by using garlic you can cure your teeth easily.Just take a  piece of garlic and some common salt and chew it , the toothache will be relieved in seconds.

Do you know how onion cures the affected tooth.If you chew a piece of onion daily then  it saves us from a  host of teeth problems.Just place a piece of onion on the affected tooth and see how the pain gets  diminished

Lime is another important item for caring toothache.The vitamin C which is contained in the lime helps to get relief of  loosening of the teeth, dental caries, toothache, and bleeding of the gums

Tooth decay can also be cured using cloves and other items such as – wheat grass,Asafoetida, Bay Berry, Pepper etc.If black pepper is mixed with a little rock salt and used in the affected area ,the toothache would  be cured in seconds.