Natural Flea Wash For Your Dog

Natural Flea Wash For Your Dog

Flea attack is a common problem seen in most of the dogs. Flea can be seen in between the furs and they will suck blood from your pet. It may also cause discomfort due to itching. There are chemicals available in the market for getting rid of these fleas but some of these chemicals make your dog sick. Instead of this you can make flea repellents in your home itself and here are some of them.

Flea Repellents

Lemon Flea Repellent

Get two large lemons and prick the skin of these lemons with a fork. This helps the lemon to release the essential oil. Then cut the lemons in to quarters and keep them in a bowl. Now boil two cups of water and pour this hot water over these lemon pieces. Allow the lemons to steep in this water for about 12 hours. Then remove the lemons from the water and use this water to wash your dog.

Get a rag or sponge and dip it in lemon water and squeeze the water over the dog and soak the fur and skin of the dog in lemon water. Keep the lemon water away from the dog’s eyes and keep it on his body for about 10 minute. Then give him his normal bath and make sure that lemon water is completely washed out otherwise it may leave your dog’s fur stiff with a dry skin.

Lavender and Cedar Wood Essential Oil

Take 10 ml of pure almond oil as carrier oil and to this add ten drops of lavender oil and five drops of cedar wood essential oil. Mix them well and use two drops of this mixture for spreading all over the dog’s body. Practice this twice a week and this may help you to keep the flea away.

Eucalyptus Flea Repellent

Collect powdered eucalyptus, fennel, rosemary, yellow dock, rue, wormwood and combine equal part of each of these powders. Mix them well by shaking in a closed bottle and apply this mixture on to your dog’s fur with brushing. Try to apply this powder at the base of the hair and take your dog to outside. Otherwise the fleas that are dropping out may fall on your floor and attack your dog later. Use this powder three or four times a week.

While doing all these, vacuum your home frequently and dispose the vacuum bags sealed. Wash your dog’s bedding frequently with warm water and also applies cedar oil on its bedding.