Natural Diuretics For Edema Remedy

Natural Diuretics For Edema Remedy Water retention or edema is harmful for the body. Presence of excess water in the body increases pressure on the walls of the blood vessels. To eliminate the excess water from the body, doctors prescribe diuretic medications. Diuretics help to get rid of the excess water by increasing the volume of urine formation.

When we consume diuretics, our kidneys increase excretion of sodium in the urine, causing rise in the sodium concentration in the urine. To reduce the sodium concentration in the urine, our body adds more water to the urine by absorbing the excess water circulating in the blood stream. Besides diuretic drugs, certain foods act as natural diuretics.

However, there is a drawback of consuming too much of diuretics. By increasing the volume of urination, natural and synthetic diuretics also tend to eliminate essential vitamins and minerals from the body.

Importance of diuretics
Diuretic foods are particularly important for people suffering from heart diseases and hypertension. Women experiencing edema, as a symptom of premenstrual syndrome, are also prescribed diuretics.

Food to be avoided
Certain foods tend to cause water retention. Foods rich in salt and sugar cause water retention. Protein deficiency and inadequate vitamin B complex in the body also causes water retention.

Natural diuretics

Cranberry juice – Cranberry juice is a powerful diuretic that helps to eliminate excess water.

Asparagus – Regular consumption of asparagus can help to cure edema. Asparigine, a type of compound present in asparagus, improves kidney function, facilitating urine formation.

Parsley – Parsley not only adds flavor to your food, but having a teaspoonful of parsley helps to remove the excess water from the body.

Celery – Celery, like parsley, also acts as a natural diuretic.

Watercress – Including watercress in your diet can prevent edema.

Cucumber – Cucumber with its high water, silicon and sulfur content helps to flash out toxins from the body through urination.

Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar not only removes excess water from the body, but it also prevents excess loss of potassium through urine.

Tomato – Tomatoes are not only nutritious, but they also help to improve kidney function.