Natural Breast Enlargement Methods

Are you disappointed with your boob? To improve the appearance of your bust you can visit a cosmetic surgeon. However, if the hefty price of a breast augmentation surgery (and the fear that the surgery might go wrong) prevents you from visiting a surgeon, you can try some natural breast augmentation techniques.

Some simple exercise might help to give your breasts proper shape. An easy exercise would be to stand straight and swing each arm in the clockwise direction and count eight. Repeat the exercise swinging your arms in the anticlockwise directions. You can do this exercise by holding a weight of about three pounds in each hand. Repeat this exercise fifteen to twenty times. Practicing this exercise twice everyday would help to augment the size of the breasts.

For hundreds of years, certain herbs are used for breast enhancement. Before using herbs for improving the size of your bust, remember to check the possible side effects of prolonged use of these herbs. Pregnant and lactating women, and women with fibrocystic breasts, endometriosis or gallbladder disease should avoid herbal medications for breast enhancement. Women who are at risk of developing breast cancer should stay away from breast enhancing herbs.

Saw Palmetto
Saw palmetto is a popular herb recommended by herbalists for increasing the size of breast tissues. It can also improve sex drive in both men and women.

Dong quai
In traditional Chinese medicine, dong quai root is used for augmenting the health of the breast tissues. Dong quai could prevent slackening of breast after menopause.

Fennel seed
Fennel seeds could stimulate secretion of estrogen. Enhanced estrogen secretion in the body might increase formation of new breast tissues, increasing the size of the boobs.

Fenugreek seed
This culinary spice is also known to act as a hormone regulator. Fenugreek seed extract might help to increase the size of the bust naturally.

Sesame seed oil
Massaging the breasts with sesame seed oil could nourish the breast tissues, making the breast firm.

Wearing the correct bra is perhaps the easiest way to give your boob the appropriate size. You can wear a padded bra. You can also use inflatable bras that help users to give their boobs the desired size by pumping air in the cups.

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    Easiest way to put the spotlight on your boobs and make them appear bigger, is by taking the spotlight away from your waist. Other than working out your core and thinning your waist, you can also wear special girdles or wraps underneath your clothes to make your waist smaller. By making your waist appear smaller, you’re making your chest appear much bigger, even if it isn’t that much bigger to begin with.

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