Nail Buffer – Tool For Polishing Nails

Have you ever wondered how to give your dull nails a glossy look? Nail buffer is a manicure tool, which could make the dry and yellow nails shine. There are several advantages of nail buffing. Rubbing the surface of your nail with a nail buffer helps to remove the uneven ridges, giving the nail a smooth appearance. Buffing is believed to promote blood circulation, stimulating growth of healthy nails. Its ability to polish the nails is undoubtedly the greatest advantage of using a nail buffer.

Types of nail buffers

There are two categories of nail buffers – manual nail buffer and electric nail buffer. Manual nail buffers resemble big nail files or rectangular blocks. They can be used for polishing and smoothing real as well as artificial nails. To enhance the speed of smoothing thick or uneven nails, you can opt for manual nail buffers that are thicker than the standard nail buffers.

However, the extra thick buffers are recommended for acrylic or artificial nails. A nail buffer comprises of either two or three sides. You can even find four sided nail buffers. The courser side of the nail buffer is used for smoothing the ridges and rough surfaces. After flattening the ridges or eliminating the scratches, you should use the medium grit for rubbing the surface of the nail. The finer polishing job is accomplished with the finer side of the nail buffer.

Electric nail buffers are more expensive than the manual buffers. Running on electricity, these buffers can accomplish nail buffing faster than the manual buffers. Moreover, if you are seeking a professional-like manicure without employing the service of a manicurist, you should buy an electric nail buffer. In addition, electric nail buffers are more durable than their manual counterparts are.

How to use nail buffers

Before buffing your nails, make sure that they are clean and dry. Always buff in one direction – either in the forward or backward direction. Do not buff vigorously. Aggressive buffing would make your nail thin. Stop buffing if you sense an irritating or burning sensation. Nail buffing once a month is enough for preserving the glossiness of the nails. Excess buffing could damage your nails.