My Visit to Singapore

singapore It was really an escape from the drab schedules of everyday life, when I visited Singapore with my husband. It was our first trip together- honeymoon. Singapore seemed to be a very lively and colorful city which could give both of us a real delightful break.

The Garden City is located in Southeast Asia. As the name suggests, Singapore is crowded with various flower gardens, nature reserves, parks etc. Some of the gardens we visited are Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom, Jurong Bird Park and then there are the Chinese gardens and Japanese gardens decorated beautifully with natural resources.

Besides the exotic gardens of Singapore, another thing attracted us a lot and it was the Night Safari. This is basically a night zoo. Here we got a unique chance to watch the nocturnal animals very closely. It was really very thrilling experience to observe the animals of Africa, Asia and South America. The charm was the darkness surrounding us as it didn’t feel like we were watching them from behind the barricades.

Thankfully we didn’t miss the Chinatown at Singapore. Tourists should never miss this spot in island city as it the cultural hub of Singapore reflecting the colorful Chinese culture. In the Outram district, Chinatown bears the essence of Singapore. Some of the spots we visited in Chinatown are the Al Abrar Mosque, Trengganu/Smith Streets area etc.

The temples of Singapore are also very beautiful. Chettiars’ Temple, Sri Veerama Kaliamman Temple, Sri Mariamman Temple, Sri Sivan Temple – Geylang are some of the temples we visited during our trip. The temples are very peaceful and well maintained.

While visiting all these exotic tourist attraction, we didn’t forget to take out some time for shopping in this wonderland. Cho Lon is a very nice souvenirs gallery. You can choose anything you like. I bought some Mao statues for my home and relatives. Besides, various types of colorful Indian velvet cushions with embroidery works were very much eye catching. Cathay Cineleisure Orchard Road was another very attractive market in the city. It was real pleasure shopping in Singapore local markets.

However, I just forgot to raise one more interesting delicious point. So, you got it! Yes! It’s about the eateries of Singapore. The taste of Singapore is awesome and I still remember the flavor of the dishes. Some of the famous restaurants where we dined for a few times were Akashi, Al-Tazzag, Andhra Curry and Ah Tengs Bakery. It’s better to try the local restaurants if you want to taste the original flavor of Singapore. Otherwise all kinds of recipes are available in the restaurants and those were just delicious.